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Tulip Tips

I am literally knee deep into winter tulip forcing this year and am learning so much! Most of my growing has been hydroponic thus far with my grow room setup in my garage. I have been producing tulips since early January and will continue to have tulips through March and into April as my outdoor field grown tulips kick in! Tulips are such a unique flower and I wanted to give you some tips on home and vase care:

  • Always give your stems a quick snip before you put them in clean fresh cool water.

  • Use a clean vase - yes one that has been rinsed with soap and water. I like to run my dirty vases through the dishwasher if they are dishwasher safe!

  • Flower food is your friend! It really does prolong the vase life of most flowers by giving them a boost of food as well as some anti-bacterial properties.

  • Change your water every 1-2 days; bacteria will build up in your water and will prevent your flowers from drinking as much food and water.

  • Keep ripening fruits and veggies away from your flowers. Honestly, I try to keep my flowers out of the kitchen. Ethelene gas (which is emitted from ripening fruits and veggies) can shorten your vase life.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY - Tulips will grow when placed in sometimes 3-4 inches. So make sure to choose a vase that will support the growth or keep the stems trimmed. Tulips will also grow towards the light so they usually put on a beautiful show:)

Until next time.......Sheri

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